Z-LoCraft Imagine a world where cultural barriers don’t exist. What we do goes far beyond translation; we unlock different languages to connect you with the world. Our professional ethos is based on the culture of professionalism, high speed, and customer satisfaction. Z-LoCraft will address all your language needs to bring the best for you. More […]


Infinipipe Egypt

Infinipipe Egypt   Are technological pioneers in the pipeline infrastructure sector, vertically integrating the value chain of infrastructure pipeline development, from On-Site pipe manufacturing delivering unique pipe segment lengths up to our product trenching and installation. More Info www.infinipipeegypt.com Show me Category Web Design



BWE21 Business Women of Egypt 21 Association BWE21, a self-financed nonprofit NGO that seeks to create a stimulating Ecosystem for women entrepreneurs to help start and grow their business. More Info www.bwe21.com Show me Category Web Design



PAF Dolls Short for Passant Art Factory dolls – is a manufacturer of environmental – friendly soft dolls, resembling the Egyptian culture & heritage, founded in 2017. More Info www.pafdolls.com Show me Category Web Design



Arabize A leading Arabic content provider that was founded in Cairo in 1994. Following the most internationally acknowledged quality standards; Arabize provides top quality content-related services; including localization, transcreation, training, post-editing, subtitling, content development and management, testing, digitization, and desktop publishing. We pride ourselves on serving over 500 topnotch direct and indirect clients from every […]